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  1. Before purchasing, you can listen for free and review tunes from Michel Bonin piano music.
    Simply access the Music Playlist (jukebox) located down on this page. * 
    Or one can also access the same playlist and view video clips of Michel's live concerts located on his website Home Page www.pianoreflexions.com.

  2. For instance, you can review the content of Album #1 ('NO MORE BLUES FROM THIS MOMENT ON') with its 68 minutes of great medleys. It delivers over 30 tunes under 15 tracks at high quality bit rate of 256 kbps. For details, go to ALBUM #1 LINER NOTES

  3. Individual tracks on the MP3 jukebox can be purchased starting at $0.99 each or whole tracks of an album can be purchased for $9.95 (Canadian dollars).

  4. To order MP3s, you must send us by email or through the link CONTACT US on this website the name the invoice should be addressed to, the track number(s) from which album you want to purchase these tracks and the email address you wish to be sent the online invoice.

  5. You will receive by email an online invoice that describes the digital items your ordered. The PAY NOW button on our emailed invoice will direct you to safe payments options to pay by credit card or PayPal.

  6. Once payment is received, you will receive an email from Michel Bonin with the password(s) links which you can then CLICK TO DOWNLOAD SONGS you chose from the album. These protected download links allow to download songs at your convenience from Cincopa.com Media Platform® , the official service that delivers Michel Bonin's music online.
  7. To permit downloads on many devices, you are allowed to download each mp3 song or file up to four times after which the download links expire and delete themselves to prevent them from being shared  

*   TO LISTEN FOR FREE AT MY ALBUM #1, CLICK ON THE MUSIC PLAYLIST (JUKEBOX) LOCATED BELOW. With the desktop site on your browser, one can see all of over 30 tunes listed on the 15 tracks. If the Music Playlist (Jukebox) located below does not show the over 30 tunes listed on the 15 tracks or simply does not open, you may be able to access it either: 
a) by requesting the desktop site on your browser, or 

b) try using a different device or switch to a different browser



  1.   To buy CD albums at CAD$14.95 (plus shipping & handling), go to WEB STORE

  2.   You will enjoy full hi-fi quality and receive the printed liner notes in their complete illustrated format.
  3.   With Michel Bonin at the piano and keyboard (under the series PIANO REFLEXIONS - STANDARDS & JAZZ CLASSICS - MUSIQUE D'AMBIANCE), this is LE MUST collection if one is looking for a serene blend of the genres in medley: jazz, easy listening, musique d'ambiance, chanson

  4.   By purchasing a CD version of Michel Bonin's albums on the WEB STORE, you will have the option to make the payment through a credit card or using existing PayPal® funds

  5.    Once payment is completed successfully, CD will be shipped to the address you specified