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Buy albums (physical CD) at CAD$14.95 (plus shipping & processing costs) here to enjoy full hi-fi quality and receive the liner notes in their complete printed, illustrated format. With Michel Bonin at the piano and keyboard (under the series PIANO REFLEXIONS™ - STANDARDS & JAZZ CLASSICS - MUSIQUE D'AMBIANCE), this is LE MUST collection if one is looking for a serene blend of the genres in medley/pot-pourri.

By purchasing a CD version of Michel Bonin's albums on this WEB STORE, you have the option to make the payment through a credit card or using existing PayPal® funds. Once payment is completed successfully, CD will be shipped to the address you specified.

FOR DIGITAL ONLY PURCHASES: Instead of the physical CD, you can purchase and then download on your own devices (up to three) through password(s) MP3 individual track(s) starting at CAD$0.99 and whole digital albums at CAD$9.95. You MUST indicate in the CONTACT US link on the website the track number(s) from which album you want to purchase these tracks and the email address you wish to be sent the online invoice. The PAY NOW button on our emailed invoice will direct you to safe payments options to pay by credit card and our/or PayPal. Once payment is received, you will be emailed the password(s) in order to be able to download any number (or all) the tracks you chose from the album by accessing the playlists through the jukebox on a MP3 Music player located on the Home Page www.mbonin.webs.com and the BUY MUSIC Page www.mbonin.webs.com/buy-music of the PIANO REFLEXIONS website.