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Frequently Asked Questions About Michel Bonin and PIANO REFLEXIONS?

  1. What style(s) of piano music does Michel specialize in with PIANO REFLEXIONS?

    Through his own original inspirational, reflective and celebratory style, Michel's PIANO REFLEXIONS solos are adaptations from compositions as varied as swing, bebop, jazz improvisations of The Great American Songbook and European songs, as well as show tunes, often delivered in traditional jazz styles such as stride piano.

    From his early musical training, Michel can also showcase light classical pieces.

  2. Does Michel add a digital keyboard to his performance?

    Yes. Upon request, Michel can add his own digital keyboards to deliver a variety of styles for dance music and accompaniment, through digital sounds: including violin, woodwind, brass and keyboard instruments (as an example, the bandoneon for tango), guitar, voices, rhythm sections
    with percussion instruments (for example, the xylophone for jazz).

    Such a keyboard can actually replace a piano if unavailable on the premises or the venue where he is to perform.

  3. Does Michel add voice to his performance?

    Yes. Being fully bilingual, Michel sings in English and French. Upon request, he can add some Italian songs to his performance. Michel also sings in a church choir.

  4. For some years now, Michel performs in front of live audiences. Are these concerts available online?

    Michel's live concerts are available on YouTube. Simply search for "Michel Bonin video".

  5. How can I buy the albums and the tunes performed by Michel?

    For instructions on how to download and purchase individual tracks, digital albums and CDs recorded by Michel, go to BUY MUSIC.

    His #1 album ('NO MORE BLUES FROM THIS MOMENT ON') has over 30 of the most loved standards and jazz classics with Michel on piano, keyboard and voice.

  6. Why do Michel's advertisements on the Web suggest "Hire Your Own Piano Player, Not A Band"?

    With his piano player background, Michel can offer an extensive repertoire and styles of music by combining piano, keyboard and singing, therefore reducing the need to hire a band or orchestra.

  7. Michel peut-il animer sa performance avec un repertoire en francais?

    Oui. Michel s'affiche comme pianiste specialise en musique d'ambiance et en chanson francophone.

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